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search query: weather

You can use connectors (in all CAPS): OR AND NEAR ADJ/40

search query: "four corners" AND Contract

You can get 100 entries:

search query: num=100&"four corners" AND Contract

search query: "four corners" ADJ/10 Contract

You can get the next 10 entries:

search query: start=10&"Summary Judgment" AND Contract

You can use parenthesis ()

search query: ("four corners" ADJ/10 Contract) AND definition

search query: ("four corners" NEAR Contract) AND definition

Be sure to select one of the links on a search result page, and to examine the image link at bottom right.

You can search cases from 1853 through 1930, for example:

search query: Discrimination AND "Commerce Clause"

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This is Ron Ledbury's site for searching Oregon case law.

If you register, using the link above, and then log in you can perform 20 searches and view 200 case file pages. You need to be registered and logged in before the sample search links will work, and before the list of cases for a given volume will be displayed via the Browse link above.

You can copy a search-results page and paste it into a OpenOffice document and save it. Thereafter, you can control-click a link in that document and it will open the linked page, provided that you are registered and logged in. You can do the same thing for the output of the Cite Validator page. You can just copy and paste the unformatted text from some legal document of interest into the Cite Validator page and quickly access and verify individual case citations.

Each case page that is displayed has a link to an image file for that page. The current image files have reduced resolution. These files can be accessed to verify accuracy of the OCR'ed text, or formatting anomalies.

Headnotes and Summaries have been removed from the pages and image files.

I plan to add the ability for a Premium Subscriber to build their own headnote scheme and optionally share it with subscribers or to participate in development of a group headnote scheme. You would be able to save your own headnotes to an XML formatted file for use by some other program, wholly independent of this site. I also need to integrate and present subsequent case history for any given case.

You might ask yourself: How accurate is the information? You can verify for yourself. I believe that all the pages from the data set are included, but there remain some OCR errors scattered amongst the pages. You might also check in your local law library for a copy of either the LUBA Citator or the LUBA Digest Volume 2. I created and edited the first and edited the second, consolidating the headnote categories and building the accompanying tables. This web site could be viewed as the same sort of project except that it will be available via the internet and is more expansive in scope, but will remain dedicated to dealing with Oregon law in particular.

I have left out italics and bold from the pages. This was a choice, for the moment, in favor of including links from one case page to some other case page.

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